$10,000,000 For Businesses In Small Towns

Provides loans to public entities and private parties who cannot obtain credit from other sources. Loans can be made for improving, developing, or financing business and industry, creating jobs, and improving economic and environmental climate in rural communities (less than… Continue reading

$18,000,000 In Venture Capital For Starting Businesses in Thailand, India, Korea And Others

This program supports equity investments in telecommunications, consumer reports, and financial services in the following areas: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Laos, Korea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam. This program is designed to promote and facilitate U.S. investment in emerging market… Continue reading

$300,000 Grant To Small Businesses To Commercialize Scientific and Engineering Ideas

Supports creative advanced research in scientific and engineering areas that encourages the conversion of Government-funded research o a commercial application. Awards stimulate technological participation and innovation by small businesses as well as minority, disabled, and other disadvantaged individuals. Proposals are… Continue reading

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