WOW!…The Government Will Pay My Mortgage

There are now programs that will make your mortgage payments for you when you get into financial trouble. For example, Pennsylvania law, 35 P.S.

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  • i need help gettin my mortgage payed off for free can u please help me

    • will this help me even though I am on disabled. I only make $750 a month and I have no savings. all I own is my car.

  • i need help with mortgage

  • I have been disabled (Severe Major Depressive Disorder, Severe General Anxiety Disorder, Severe O.C.D. and Moderate Bipolar) for over 4 years now and my wife has been disabled since June 13 of last year (Brain Cancer, Stage 4, known as Glioblastoma) and now my son is disabled and lives with us. Right now the only income we are getting is $930 a month from SSD.

  • I need help catching up on my mortgage

  • I need help my house is falling apart a limb fell off a tree a put a hole in the roof during a storm that caused some of the ceiling fell in during the storm.I am not there I am 1200 miles away taking care of my mom and dad,My dad had a stroke so I haven’t seen my family in two years I can’t leave them I am the only one to cook,clean,drive and their health keeps them from being able to travel.Last night my wife called they have no water.I am disabled from car accident our house is old but we need help please can you help also now they are living in a house with mold in the walls they are always sick I need help

  • Are there any programs in New Jersey ?

    • i’m in new jersey too!, looking to get a home and / or help paying rent it’s hard here in the garden state!… God bless .. if we all had that rich uncle to pay for a loan I’m feeling desperate and that’s never a good place to be.

  • my name is Lydia lemos i lost my job12/16 and my husband died January 28th 2017 and i am currently unable to pay my morgage.M y father in law is using his retirement money to pay my morgage.can you help me get back on my feet?

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