$500,000 Grant For Small Businesses To Work On Defense Related Research

Funds joint venture innovative research opportunities for small business and the nation’s premier non-profit research institutions. The purpose of this collaboration is to move ideas from the laboratory to the marketplace, to foster high-tech economic development and to address the technological needs of the Federal Government. The Army’s Small Business Technology Transfer Program is normally provided for up to one year and up to $100,000 for Phase I projects (for a feasibility study to evaluate the scientific and technical merit of an idea) and for two years and up to $500,000 for Phase II awards (development and commercialization of Phase I projects). In addition to following DoD-wide instructions in the program solicitation, proposers must also follow the Army’s instructions for submission of proposals. Specific requirements and guidelines can be found at the website listed below. Proposals may only be submitted in response to solicitations . See website below for current solicitations and deadlines. Applicants must be a small, American-owned and for-profit business of 500 or fewer employees (including subsidiaries and affiliates). The nonprofit research institution must also be located in the U.S. At least 40 percent of the research project is to be conducted by the small business concern and at least 30 percent of the work is to be conducted by the partnering’ research institution. Contact Department of Defense – ARMY, Dr. Frank Hurley, Program Manager, U.S. Army Research Office, Attn: STTR-2001 P.O. Box 12211, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709; 919-549-4322; Fax: 919-549-4248; {hurley@arl.aro.army.mil}; {www.aro.army.mil/arowash/rt/}.

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