Free Computers For Educators

There are a number of organizations that offer free, second hand computers to educational or non-profit organizations. See a bunch of them at: {}.

Free or Low-Cost Healthcare for Children

Insure Kids Now! is a national campaign to link the nation’s 10 million uninsured children–from birth to age 18–to free and low-cost health insurance. For little or no cost, this insurance pays for doctor visits, prescription medicines, hospitalizations, and much… Continue reading

We The People

We all had to memorize the Preamble of the Constitution during our school years. It might be fun to see the whole text of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence. You could test your bridge group’s… Continue reading

Helpful Handouts Ready to Print

The University of South Dakota Disaster Mental Health Institute offers concise, helpful handouts specially formatted to be printed from your computer on the following subjects: Coping in the aftermath of a disaster, coping in the aftermath of an aviation disaster,… Continue reading

Sprocket Man!

Your kids may be too young to drive a car, but they can easily go 20mph on their bikes. So there are risks involved when your child is bike riding. In fact, over 500,000 emergency room visits are for bicycle… Continue reading

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