No Business Grants?

Who Says There's No Free Grant Money For Business?

Some of you may have already called a government office like the SBA and asked about business grants because you saw this crazy guy on TV talking about Free government Money For Business. And this office probably laughed at you and told you that there are no such things as grants for business. Well they are right, but they are also wrong. There are no government grant programs at the SBA for business, (although they really have a free money type program that they probably did not tell you about because it is called venture capital money and not government grants). But, they are also wrong too, because there are hundreds of government business grant and free money programs for business but they are not at the SBA. They are at other federal agencies, they are at state, city and county governments offices as well as non-profit organizations.

No one government office knows everything. That's why when someone tells you "no" you can not believe them now-a-days. Remember this is the same government who did not even get the WMD's information right. It is a big world out there full of wonderful opportunities, but it may take some effort to find them, because they are not in the obvious places.

Here are some real grant programs taken from our book Free Money For Entrepreneurs. If you are looking for more programs like this as well as information about low interest loans, loans you do not have to pay back, government contracts, and 10,000 other sources for entrepreneurs check out the book! Or access the direct links to the sources right now plus get help, training and more at my free government money club!


  • $2,000,000 Grant To Commercialize Science Related Ideas
  • $10,000 For Entrepreneurial Training
  • $5,000 In Spending Money While You Start Your Business
  • $2,000,000 Grant To Work On Fossil Energy Ideas
  • $1,500,000 Grant To Help Small Businesses in Small Towns
  • $300,000 Grant to Small Businesses to Commercial an Idea
  • $200,000 Grant to Work On Energy Related Inventions
  • $295,000 Grant To Small Businesses to Work On Environmental Problems
  • Up To $3,000,000 Grant To Train Your Employees
  • Up To $22,000,000 Grant To Businesses That Employ People With Disabilities
  • $300,000 Government Grant To Small Business To Work On Education Related Ideas
  • $500,000 Grant To Small Business To Commercialize Health Related Ideas
  • $3,000,000 In Venture Capital
  • $5,000,000 Grant To Bio energy Businesses
  • $1,000,000 Grant To Invest In Small Town Businesses
  • $150,000 To Develop A New Food Product
  • $100,000 To Sell Food Products Overseas
  • $200,000 Grants To Companies that Help Small Businesses
  • $400,000 To Provide Internet Access To Small Towns
  • $10,000 For Entrepreneurs With Disabilities
  • $700 Grant For Entrepreneurs With No Credit
  • $10,000 Government Grant To Start A Mom and Pop Business
  • $5,000 Grant To Sell Your Product Overseas
  • Up To $1,000,000 Grant To Recycle Toilet Paper
  • $2,500 Grant For A Craft Business
  • $100,000 Grant For Winery Business
  • $20,000 Grant To Prepare A Loan Package For An Apartment Building
  • $15,000 Grant For Small Town Developers To Fix Up Homes
  • $25,000 To Fix Up Your Office
  • $30,000 Grant To Start A Day Care Center
  • $20,000 Grant To Start A Video Business
  • $5,625 Grant To Start A Sewing Business At Home
  • $90,000 For An Energy Efficient Business
  • $300,000 For Documentary Film Makers
  • $250,000 To Make Videos For TV
  • $32,500 To Start A Business In Toledo
  • $7,500 Grant For New Landscaping For Your Business
  • $250,000 To Start A New Business
  • $3,000 To Start A Home Based Knitting Business
  • $5,000 Grant To Start Your First Business
  • $7,000 To Fix Up A Day Care Center
  • $500,000 Grant For Target Stores
  • $400,000 Grant For Home Depot
  • $1 Million Government Grant For Best Buy
  • $234,782 Grant To Train Technical Employees
  • $10 Million Grant For R.H.. Donnelley Corp.
  • $23,623 Grant To Sell Wine
  • $150,000 Grant To Produce Snack Foods
  • $580,000 Grant To Train Hotel Employees
  • $10,000 Government Grant To Turn Your Barn Into An Office



Leftover Small Business Grant Money... A Real Pity

When I see things like this it makes my blood boil. Last year the city of Onieda had $350,000 in grant money to give to people who wanted to improve their businesses , but not enough people applied. I keep seeing more and more stories like this and I know there are entrepreneurs out there that really need the money if they only knew it was there .Look for the story in The Post-Standard, Saturday, December 18, 2004, "Leftover Grant Money" by Aaron Gifford. I also read where the government had $1 billion for entrepreneurs in Virginia to apply for money and nobody showed up. Even business money for 911 in New York still had over $500 million that was not applied for a year later. And recent data show that only 50% of the students eligible for college money know enough to apply. Don't leave this money on the table, do some research, buy my book for business grants or get to a library and take one out for free! (Most library's have at least one of my books.)


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