Housing Grants

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  • I’d like a big loan to purches a new house for myself. I have negative family members that want to be greedy and tell me I need to move out by next year. I like to buy this home I’ve been looking at for two years. I’d like too buy it and pay an extra two years of taxes on this house and live my dream and also get my children back from closed adoptions.

  • I would like a grant for a house of my own, because when you live with family theres to many attitudes. And you love your family but can’t live with to long. Love my family would to move while there is still love in my heart. I thank them for love and support,with Cancer its now remission. There too different personalitoes under one roof

  • I want a grant for a house because I’m getting kicked out every other week ..I need a steady place.. so I won’t half to go through this anymore..and there always treating me about calling the hospital on me and that’s scarey to go through..I’m the only person I’m with..no others..

  • I am a mother of three and I have always been a housewife and my husband of years has become a statistic in the heroin epidemic. constantly are currently living with family on his side but I don’t know how much longer I can do this. I want a stable of my own and I have no education or work skills and I cant afford school and no one will hire me along with living in a rural area and I have no way to afford the cost of trying to better myself.
    PLEASE help me help myself!!!! MY family and future generations will benefit greatly!!!

  • need help with moving i have no money to move

  • Please help me to find funds to buy a mobile home for myself, it would be splendid if this could happen somehow.

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