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Government Free Money Facts

  • The Government Gives Out Over $1.5 Trillion A Year In Free Money. That's An Average Of $11,450 A Year Per Taxpayer Free!
  • Only 12% Of All Government Money Goes To The Poor.
  • NO Income Requirements For 75% Of Government Free Money Programs.
  • 50 Million People Are Eligible To Get Free Money But Don't Apply.
  • Up To 39% Of The People Who Contact The Government About Money Programs Get The Wrong Info
  • Only 20% of All Government Free Money Is Called "Grants" ...
  • People who do apply Miss Out On 80% Of other Available Free Money
  • 90% of Free Money Applications For Americans Do Not Require Complicated Applications, Simply Fill In The Blanks

Your Federal, State, and Local Governments are Giving Out:

  • $2,000 Cash In New York, NY to Pay Your Mortgage
  • $5,000 Free Money For Seniors To Fix Up A Home In Las Vegas, NV
  • $10,000 In Chicago, IL For A New Roof Free!
  • $15,000 Government Money For A Down Payment In Philadelphia, PA
  • $2,500 For Truck Stop Employees To Go To School In San Diego, CA
  • $2,000 Free To Study Islam In Phoenix, AZ
  • $10,000 Money To Be A Chef In San Antonio, TX
  • $30,000 Grant To Study Nursing In Detroit, MI
  • $5,000 Cash To Be An Activist In San Jose, CA
  • $1,500/Mo In Indianapolis, IN To Live On To Start Your Business
  • $100,000 Working From Your Kitchen Table In San Francisco, CA
  • $10,000 Payment To Start A Business In Virgina Beach, VA
  • $10,000 Check To Start A Child Care Business In Columbus, OH
  • $10,000 Free Money At 0%Interest In Austin, TX
  • $500 Government Cash To Pay Emergency Expenses In Seattle, WA
  • $1,000 In Extra Spending Money In Colorado Springs, CO
  • $10,000 Government check To Buy A Talking Computer In Charlotte, NC
  • $250,000 In Denver, CO To Work Free On Your Invention
  • $10,000 Cash Money To Fix Up Your Store In Fort Worth, TX
  • $8,000 Government grant To Train For A New Job In Oklahoma City, OK
  • $10,000 Cash For Divorced Women Looking For A Career In New Orleans, LA
  • $7,000 Government money To Retrain If You Are Over 55 In Tucson, AZ
  • $2,000 Free money For Prescription Drugs In Cleveland, OH
  • $3,000 In Long Beach, CA Of Extra Gov't Money For Cancer Patients
  • $10,000 In Mesa, AZ To Care For Grandma
  • $2,000 For Dental Care In Arlington, TX
  • Free Cruises For Teachers In Pittsburgh, PA
  • Go On A Free Archeological Dig In Cincinnati, OH
  • $3,700 For Summer Travel For Teachers In Newark
  • $30,000 To Travel To Italy In Lincoln, Nebraska

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Learn About Free Money Programs To:

  • Start or Expand a Business In Lubbock, TX
  • Buy or Fix Up Real Estate In Des Moines, IA
  • Artists, Writers, Dancers, Musicians In Huntington Beach, CA
  • People With Disabilities In Montgomery, AL
  • Education & Training In Chesapeake, VA
  • Pay Off Student Loans In Durham, NC
  • Pay Your Bills In Garland In Fort Wayne, IN
  • Job Hunting & Volunteering
  • Money For Kids In Rochester, NY
  • Legal Services In Jersey City, NJ
  • Money For Non-Profits
  • Money For Teachers
  • Travel Money In Honolulu, HI

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