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The Government is giving away $48 BILLION Dollars EVERY WEEK to people just like you… why aren’t you enjoying the free money funding too?

From Matthew Lesko:

I have been researching and studying these programs for OVER 30 years, and I have written OVER 100 books on the subject (2 of which were New York Times Best Sellers). I have spoken about my methods on shows like Oprah, Larry King, The Today Show, and Jay Leno. In my years of research, I have found 1000’s programs providing grants loans, guarantees and services to help you and every citizen to change your life, including free government money to:


Free Money For Real Estate Own Your Own Home

Get home buying grants, mortgages, government grants, first time home buyer grants and more!



Free Government Money For BillsPay Off Credit Card Debt
There are many federal grants to help you pay off your credit card debt and other bills. Best thing, they don’t have to be paid back!



Free Government Money For Education - Matthew LeskoGo Back To School
Millions of dollars in federal government grants are available to help pay for tuition and books!



Free Government Money For BusinessStart A New Business

Start or expand your business. Connect with government resources for business grants, contract, and countless services worth 1,000’s for free!


What’s the secret?

The secret is knowing who to contact and how to ask for your free government grant, government loan or contract money. Once you know the right government people to call, it could take you less than 20 minutes to get anywhere from $20,000 to $250,000 or more in free money, government grants and loans to get your new life rolling.

Did you know:

  • The average family is eligible for $20,000 a year in benefits but doesn’t know where and how to apply.
  • Only 12% of government programs go to the poor and 75% government programs have no income requirements at all.
  • As a taxpayer you are paying for over 17,000 government benefit programs worth over $1.5 trillion per year.


Free Goverment Money Left Unclaimed - Matthew Lesko


Matthew Lesko Success Stories In the Washington Post:

Barbara Sheperd, a librarian in Michigan City, Ind., says an article in a Matthew Lesko newsletter led her to a state program that gave her elderly mother a low-interest loan to put a new roof on her house.

Ronnie Brandt, a New Jersey folk singer, says he saw one of Lesko’s infomercials that helped him get state and federal grants to perform historical songs in schools. “I think his information is great,” he says, “but you’ve got to do the work.”

And then there’s the Zufall family, who are dairy farmers in Lisbon, N.Y. Two years ago, they bought three of Matthew Lesko’s books and a DVD called ” Free Money for Everybody.” From the DVD, they learned of a local government program that gave them $12,000 to help pay for a gravel walkway for their cows.

Matthew Lesko’s Free Money Club Works


The Free Government Money Club provides you with instant access to a huge number of Free Money programs for any purpose. With instant access you have around 17,000 Government Programs, Grants, Loans, Applications, Free Money sources and live online help at your fingertips in the government money club!


Matthew’s older book descriptions can give you an idea of what to expect in the Government Money Club. Including:



Ladies Only:


Free Money To Change Your Life
Free Health Care
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State Free Money for Small Business!

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It’s easy to get state grants and help with Matthew Lesko’s Government Money Club. With the click of a mouse you can access the free money sources and applications for your state plus the Federal government! Instant access to hundred’s of business grants, business loans, contracts and free government help.


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Matthew LeskoMatthew Lesko has 25 years of experience educating everyone from Fortune 500 companies to average taxpayers about government money programs. Two of his books have been on the New York Times Best Seller Lists. Two have received awards from the American Library Association. He has written over 100 books on the subject. He has written syndicated columns for The New York Times and Good Housekeeping Magazine and has been a regular on hundreds of TV talk shows including Larry King, The Today Show, Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, Letterman and Oprah.


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