FAQ’s About Matthew Lesko

Matthew Lesko


About Matthew Lesko

  • Where Does Lesko Get His Suits?

  • What's Lesko Really Like?

  • Is Lesko Legitimate or Just Another Huckster?

  • How Can I Get A Job With Matthew Lesko?

  • What Books Is Lesko Working On Now?

About Getting Free Money, Information and Help

  • How Long Does It Take To Get Government Money?

  • What Is The Best Way To Contact A Government Office?

  • What Happens If The Book Is Wrong?

  • Can I Get Government Money If I'm In Debt Or Have Bad Credit? 
  • Why Does The Government Give Out All These Freebies?

Purchasing Or Returning Books

  • How Long Does It Take To Process An Order?
  • Is The Lesko Book Guaranteed?
  • How Do I Return A Book?
  • How Long Does It Take To Process A Returned Book?
  • What Is The Difference Between Matthew's Books?
  • Can I find out if my order has been shipped?