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How Long Does It Take To Get Government Money?

It depends upon the program. There are thousands of programs available and each one is operates differently. It can take as little as a few weeks or as long as 6 months. Some programs even brag that you will get an answer with 10 working days. This may be hard to believe because it's hard to get the government to deliver mail that fast.

You should realistically allow a few months for anything to happen. The first program you choose may not be right for you and you will have to look in the book for other programs. Or, for some extremely competitive programs, it may take a failed application just to learn the system.


What Is The Best Way To Contact A Government Office?

The best place to start is the telephone. The more people you can talk to live, the better of you'll be in getting what you need. In your initial conversation it is not necessary to go into a lot of detail about what you are trying to do. Just let them know that you have a serious interest in doing what that office is trying to accomplish.

At this point not to give too many details about what exactly you are doing. Many times the people in a government office will try to pre-qualify you on the telephone because they believe that they will be saving you, and themselves, time. This is bad idea because you want to get all the official documentation you can possibly get so that you can sit at home, at your leisure, and try to see how your project can be included within their objectives. As I mentioned on TV, most government officials aren't  aware of everything their own office has to offer. This is why I recommend that you get the material, read it closely, and then call back the office and tell them the program you are interested in applying for. Also, let them know that from the material you received you believe you are eligible.


What Happens If The Book Is Wrong?

When our staff of researchers works on a book, we use a number of sources. All of which are from the government itself. They can be:

Published literature direct from the government offices:

the government's web site,

internal government documents, or

interviews with government officials

The problem with this process is that things change, yearly, daily and even hourly. That is why we always say in front of our books "This Book Is Out Of Date". However, this is no longer the problem with our online moneyclub. When we find a program that has been changed we either delete it or make the adjustments . With membership, you can also check with our live librarian to see if we have an updated lead of the program you are interest in.


Can I Get Government Money If I'm In Debt Or Have Bad Credit

The real answer is that it depends. There are some programs especially aimed at people with credit problems and some programs only want people with no credit problems. Remember that many of these programs exist for people who are unable to get money elsewhere. The government tries to give money to those who can't get it elsewhere or who will invest in certain activities that the government is promoting , like starting a business or getting an education. It is important to note that if you owe money on your student loans and are now seeking more money, it would be wise to straighten things out with the Department of Education first. The Department of Education has established certain programs to help you accomplish this. Contact the Department of Education or your Congressman's office for details. Then you can apply for more student money.


Why Does The Government Give Out All These Freebies?

Because it's the law. Congress passes laws and the bureaucrats have to follow what the law says. There is nothing that a government official does that is not a result of some law. The real question is, why were these laws passed in the first place? The answer is that it is usually a result of some politician, or a special interest group who works with a politician, who identifies a problem in the country and believes that the best way to solve it is by passing a law. The law usually includes some financial help or services to help ensure that the problem is fixed. These kinds of laws may be a problem to some taxpayers but the bigger problem is that these laws can stay around for many years after the problem is solved.

Our job is to let taxpayers know about these programs, whether they are fair or not. We all pay for them whether we use them or not.