Free Health Care

keymat.gif (4320 bytes)No Money? No insurance? No problem!

Here's 6,000 Sources of Health Care... FREE to anyone

Including YOU!


  • the best treatment for any health problem whether your rich or poor
  • the latest information, for free, on any health related topic
  • justice in the health care system, without hiring a lawyer

Free Treatment For Rich & Poor

Yes, whether you have lots of money or no money at all. the government has programs and freebies for you. There are over 400 sources of free care and treatment, including how to take advantage of free clinical studies at the National Institutes of Health and at other health facilities all over the country; how to locate low-cost and free clinics in your neighborhood; and how to find local doctors and hospitals that are willing to treat you for free.

Free Information and Expertise From A to Z

Over 1,500 diseases and health issues-- everything from acne to accident prevention to DES, migraines, and yellow fever. It describes over 4,500 sources of clearinghouses, referral networks, publications and videos.

Free Legal Help With Your Health Care Rights

Close to 300 consumer resources are listed that will fight to make sure you dont gettaken by your insurance company, your physician, or even your Medicare office. Also included are resources on how you can fight health fraud, how to get the best nursing home care, and even how to complain about your pharmacist.

Plus Much More!