Free Money and Help For Lupus Patients

The S.L.E. (LUPUS) Foundation (a Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America) offers individual entitlement counseling showing families how to obtain Medicaid, Medicare, social security income/social security disability, food stamps, housing assistance and legal aid. They also have a Grant-in-Aid Program that provides mini-grants to help people with Lupus survive emergency and crisis situations. Contact: The S.L.E. Foundation Inc., 149 Madison Avenue, Suite 205, New York, NY 10016; 212-685-4118; Fax: 212-545-1843; {Email:}

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  • i m studying now.i have age is 30.i want more information about money help for lupus.from where i can get help for the treatment in paris,france

  • I’m 35 and I have Lupus, Fibromylgia, Osteoporosis, and Osteoarthritis and I’m a total mess
    and unable to work. Where can I get more information about money help for Lupus and these other dieases That I Have?

  • Need money

  • im looking for housing ass. & medical care, legal aid for social security

  • I’m 39 a mother of 5 and I have Lupus, Where can I get more information about money help for Lupus and free treatment for it. I leave in San Diego Ca. I really need some help please….

  • I am 26, a single mother of 4, ages 7, 5 year old twins and a 2 year old, I was trying to get more information on any financial assistance because due to having the Lupus Ive been missing out on hours at my full time job as a medical assistant, mostly part time hours now and some days I just cant get out of bed. I live in columbus OH and have researched as much as i can to find out anything on Lupus, now I am struggling with everyday things, cooking dinner, bathing my children and of course paying bills. I need HELP and if anyone has any answers please let me know… thank you

  • I’m a 37 year old male from south africa. I’ve being diagnosed with sle lupus for two years and my condition is worsting all the time. I have two kids in school and don’t how long I can work for.I’ve in and out of hospital about eight times in 12 months. I’m really stressed out about my condition.

    • Hi, you can find support and resources on my Instagram blog at My Instagram name is OvercomeLupus

      • Hello,I saw your info on helping people with Lupus financially but I can’t see all the info on how to contact u? I have MS as well so it could be my eye sight

  • My husband is havin a hard time paying for his insurance and doctor bills. How can he get help.

  • Looking fir financial help with med premiums and deductible. Have lupus and need assistance.

  • Is a caregiver eligible for financial assistance to care for a Lupus Patient who has in the hospital continuously. Currently had to undergo open heart surgery. Also currently in the hospital again and being released to go into a rehabilitation facility to re-learn how to talk and walk. Is there
    Any assistance for caregivers. Someone has to be with her at all times. If so, please provide a number and name to contact.

  • Im a single mother of three whose battling Lupus. I have not been able to work do to my health.Ive been in and out the hospital having really bad flares where Ivve almost died. Im in the process of waiting on Social Security Disablility. All of my funds have depleated and Im now facing an emergency crisis of being evicted. Im needing help to pay my rent to avoid being homeless. And also there are medicines that Im suppose to have but cannot afford them.

  • Hi, I need financial assistance. I am a lupus patient staying in Uganda africa. Can I be accorded assistance also

  • Hi I got diagnosed with lupus in December. I haven’t any income at this present time. It’s hard getting monthly med’s and Co pay for doctors visit. Just reaching out for help.

  • Hi Denise 07! I applied for disablity and denied. I have no source of income. I worked as a dialysis tech for 15 years. Just getting to doctors appointment and getting my monthly med’s has been really tough. Seek some help or information on some assistance for lupus and fibromyalgia patient.

  • Im 25 years old i was diagnosed with SLE Lupus 5 years ago. Fiber mialgia last year and i had (GBs in 2015) i was attending school last year i grauduated as a Medical Assistant i was working for 5 months. And just resitly it hurts too talk my legs get swollen and im unable too work im in need of financial help !!!!!

  • I am a 30yr old female that has two types of lupus and I’m looking for financial help. I am a single parent with five children’s. Any amount if funding will help. Thanks

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