$275,000 Grant To Small Businesses To Work On Agricultural Related Ideas

Supports high quality research or research and development (R&D) proposals containing advanced concepts related to important scientific problems and opportunities that could lead to significant public benefit if the research is successful. Awards stimulate technological innovation in the private sector, strengthening the role of small businesses in meeting Federal R&D needs, and fostering and encouraging participation by women-owned and socially and economically disadvantaged small business firms in technological innovation. Support under the U.S.D.A.’s Small Business Innovative Research Program is normally provided for six months and up to $70,000 for Phase I projects (to determine the scientific or technical feasibility of ideas submitted by proposers on research topic areas designated in the solicitation) and two years and up to $275,000 for Phase II awards (principal research and development effort). Proposals are accepted on a solicitation only basis. See website above for calls for proposals. Unsolicited proposals will not be accepted. Only businesses that are independently owned, controlled, and operated for-profit and with 500 or less employees are eligible to apply. Each organization submitting a proposal must qualify as a small business for research and development purposes. The primary employment of the principal investigator must be with the small business at the time of the award. A joint venture must provide documentation confirming that it can act as a single legal entity for purposes of a grant awarded under the SBIR program. Contact United States Department of Agriculture, Dr. Charles F. Cleland, Director, SBIR Program, Coop. State Research, Educ., and Extension Service, U.S.D.A., STOP 2243 1400 Independence Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20250; 202-401-4002; Fax: 202-401-6070; {ccleland@reeusda.gov}; {www.reeusda.gov/crgam/sbir.htm#program}.

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