$2,000,000 Grant To Commercialize Science Related Ideas

Bridges the gap between the research lab and the marketplace, stimulating prosperity through innovation. Partners with companies of all sizes, universities, and nonprofits to foster the development of innovative technologies that will generate significant commercial payoffs as well as widespread benefits for the nation. Awards are selected through yearly, open, peer-reviewed competitions. ATP accepts proposals only in response to specific, published solicitations. Notices of ATP competitions are published in Commerce Business Daily. To request to be placed on a mailing list to be notified of upcoming ATP competitions, call 1-800-ATP-FUND or {e-mail: atp@nist.gov}. Must be a single for-profit company or an industry-led joint venture. A single company must be substantially involved in the research and development with a leadership role in steering the project. A joint venture consists of at least two separately owned for-profit companies, both of which are substantially involved in the R&D and both contributing toward the cost sharing requirement of more than 50 percent of the yearly total project cost. Contact National Institute of Standards and Technology, Barbara Lambis, Coordinator – Advanced Technology Program, NIST Advanced Technology Program, 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 471; Admin.Bldg.101 Rm.A413, Gaithersburg, MD 20899; 301-975-4447; Fax: 301-869-1150; {Barbara.Lambis@nist.gov}; {www.atp.nist.gov}.

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