$500,000 For Women-Owned And Minority Businesses To Get Government Contracts

Assists minority-owned, women-owned and other disadvantaged business enterprises to obtain working capital to perform transportation related contracts for the Department of Transportation. Applications are submitted to a participating bank. For a list of participating banks see OSDBU website below. Applicants must have a transportation related contract and must be certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise by any agency applying DOT certification guidelines or by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Funds are limited to short term costs of contracts being financed and are not available for refinancing of existing debt; contract mobilization; equipment or other long term uses. Contact U.S. DOT, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, Jerry Franco, Program Manager, Office of Small and Disadvan. Bus. Utilization S40, 400 7th St., SW, Rm. 9410, Washington, DC 20590; 202-366-1930; Fax: 202-366-7538; {osdbuweb.dot.gov/business/mp/mktpkg10.html}.

6 Responses to $500,000 For Women-Owned And Minority Businesses To Get Government Contracts

  • Trying to find funding to expand my buisness & get goverment contracts to put candy machines (quarter) in gov. officers such as motor vehicle dept.

  • I can’t seem to get through all of the muddle. I would love to be able to apply for a grant or loan free of course in order to start working from home. I’ve worked in healtcare for well over 20 yrs and can’t seem to get anywhere fast. Can you assist me in this process please??

  • Free Grant Money to use for business

  • I am a small airfreight company (LACE International Airline llc)and a government contractor and have been trying to start-up but can not get any help. My DUN# is 829967673,and CAGE # IS 6kf04. My phone is 602-561-9760. I need this grant money to lease aircraft equipments. I have 35 years in aviation and hold an FAA License. My company is registered here in Arizona.

  • how can a go about to get this loan

  • I have been tring to get a loan home etc. no help no i am not complaining where is the help, i would like to open a place for the young people i have pently land to put a building on to the land but no help. And here there is no one to help but they coplaim there no where for them to go. And you have to put so much money down.

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