$750,000 For A Small Business To Fulfill A Contract

Specialized program to help small businesses. Funds may be used to finance material and labor needs for a specific contract(s). Loan maturity based on length of contract, but maximum of 5 years. SBA provides a 75% guarantee. Contact the office below to be directed to your regional or local office for help. Contact Maryland Small Business Administration, Renee C. Sprow, State Director, 7100 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 401, College Park, MD 20740; 301-403-8300/1-877-787-7232; Fax: 301-403-8303; {rsprow@mdsbdc.umd.edu}; {www.bsos.umd.edu-sbdc}.

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  • Today is 1-27-2016, Wednesday.

    I’m a new inventor. My invention is laundry detergent. I could use the $750,000 dollars to help pay for some expenses until I begin manufacturing this new laundry detergent product. I can also return all the money in monthly payments for the next 5 years.

    How do I applied to receive the $750,000 dollars?

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