$25,000 For Small Businesses

Economic Ventures is an SBA Intermediary for U.S. Small Business Administration’s/SBA entrepreneurs. Funds can be used for working capital or to purchase inventory, supplies, furniture, fixtures, machinery and equipment. The maximum loan is $25,000 and maximum repayment term is 6 years. Contact office below to determine eligibility. Each Intermediary is required to provide business based training and technical assistance before loan applications are chosen and application process started. Contact U.S. Small Business Administration, Baltimore District, Office SBA, Frances Hensen, Chief, Finance Division, City Crescent Building, 6th Floor, 10 S. Howard Street, Baltimore, MD 21201; 410-962-4392; Fax: 410-962-1805; {Frances.Hensen@sba.gov}; {www.sba.gov/financing/frmicro.html}.

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