$1,000,000 To Sell Your Goods and Services Overseas

Loan offers long-term funds to small businesses engaged or are preparing to engage in international trade, as well as those businesses adversely affected by import competition. The loans are from banks but the SBA guarantees payment to the bank. The SBA can guaranty up to $1.25 million for a combination of fixed asset financing and working capital, though the working capital portion cannot exceed $750,000. Businesses that are eligible are; Retail and service businesses with annual receipts of less than $3.5 million, Construction businesses with less than $7 million for special trade contractors; otherwise, construction businesses with fewer than $17 million in annual receipts. Wholesale businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Manufacturing operations classified as a small business with employment contingent on industry. Loans for facilities or equipment can have up to 25 year term and may be combined with EWCP loan which has a maturity of 12 months with 2 amendments for max of 3 years. Contact SBA(office below) to be directed to compatible lender. Check sheet and applications available online at: {www.sba.gov/library/forms.html}. U.S. Small Business Administration, Baltimore District, Office SBA, Frances Hensen, Chief, Finance Division, City Crescent Building, 6th Floor, 10 S. Howard Street, Baltimore, MD 21201; 410-962-4392; Fax: 410-962-1805; {Frances.Henson@sba.gov}; {www.sba.gov/financing/frinternational.html}.

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