Social Security Survivors’ Benefits

Social Security Administration pays monthly cash benefits to eligible family members of deceased workers. Survivors eligible for monthly cash benefits are the following: widows or widowers age 60 or over; surviving divorced spouses age 60 or over (married to the deceased worker for at least 10 years); disabled widows, widowers or surviving divorced spouses ages 50- 59; widows, widowers, or surviving divorced spouses at any age who have in their care a child under age 16 or disabled and entitled to benefits on the deceased worker’s Social Security record; unmarried children under age 18, under age 19 and a full time student in elementary or secondary school, or age 18 or older and under a disability which began before age 22; and dependent parents age 62 and over. Contact your local Social Security Office or Office of Public Inquiries, Room 4100 Annex, Social Security Administration, Baltimore, MD 21235; 410-965-2736; 800-772-1213; {}.

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