$30,000 For Victims And Their Families

The Red Cross is offering grants of up to $30,000 to families of people who died in the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. Grants will not be provided to those who died on the airplanes, as they have already received assistance form the airlines. For more information contact Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243; Washington, DC 20013; 800-435-7669; {www.redcross.org}.

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  • I am disabled, widowed, a victim of domestic violence and my home suffered from Hurricane Matthew. My disability is a neck injury. Hardware replacement which collapsed while I was taking care of my husband. Doctors cannot operate as it will leave me paralysed. My husband had cancer. I’m thankful for helping him. The cancer won. He now lives in Heaven.
    Two years after he passed I met a man who abused me. I have help with the Family Justice Center, but we are a small town. He was arrested many times. In Oct. 2016 after hiding from police, they arrested him for 2cnd degree domestic violence, stalking and more. We are waiting on a plea deal or jury trial. He, the abuse…. torture.
    Hurricane Matthew hit so many. My home S.C. the roof blew off and a lot more. I have applied with FEMA. I pray for my home!
    I have learned so much after meeting my abuser. The depression can be unbelievable. I have 6 grandchildren, 2 daughters. I am Blessed!!!
    As I struggle to make it on my own, I dream of going to school. My financial problems are overwhelming. My debts are small, but Huge to me! Without my abusers income to help I may end up Homeless. I live near the beach and do not want to lose my home.
    I have very good doctors. So if I could only find help with the bills. He will do time in prison and I can fulfill my Dream of School. That is if I can only find Help with Bills. I am searching for help with electric or it will be cut off. My family wants this grandma to cook Thanksgiving! Turkey with my daughters, grandchildren and wonderful friends!!! Now that’s a Beautiful Dream!!!
    I ask for prayers. And if anyone knows of Help with Bills, plzz let me know???
    Thank you, Paula Davis

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