Money for Rent, Moving Expenses, and Food

World Vision Inc., in partnership with Concerts of Prayer of Greater New York (COPGNY) has established a fund to aid victims and families. The fund provides memorial/funeral assistance; emergency needs: places to stay, moving costs, rent, lease deposits, food, clothing, and other basic necessities; educational support; as well as grief/trauma counseling. Contact American Families Assistance Fund, World Vision Inc., Mail stop 207, P.O. Box 9716, Federal Way, WA 98063-9716; 888-511-6593; {Email}; {}; To apply for assistance online:{}. Contact Concerts of Prayer Greater New York (COPGNY), 142-10 Sanford Ave., Flushing, NY 11355; 718-762-8232; Fax: 718-762-8256; {Email:}; {}.

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  • Dear Sirs Or Madam, I need money for moving expenses. I owe a large sum of money for debts and I have no money to rent an apartment. Can you please help me? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You.

    Sincerely, Lynn Mollette.

    • My mom in bad need see in the hospital and we got to move we have no were to go can u help email me timamorris0812@yahoo or call me Paul 1-662-640-5418 thanks a lot

  • Need help relocate homeless

  • I am a single mother of five, am trying to move to Dallas to better my life for me and my family. I have 8 months of cosmetology school and i have found several jobs that are willing to hire me, just need money to move.

  • Hello I am a singe parent I have one child 6 years old and am expecting another in May of 2013 I had to leave my place of residents 2 months ago after losing my job i am currently homeless and in need of help with moving cost please help me and my child anyway you can please I am desperate and at my breaking point please help

  • Me and my spouse and children would like to move back home to florida. We moved to Arkansas in December and 3 months later we have gotten no where, he hasnt found work i amjust applied to get unemployment myself. We have no money for gas food the rents not been paid not the car paymetn or the bills. things are at there lowest for us. We just wanna go back home. I have a job there if i can just get ther and get a place for us.

  • Desperately seeking help with relocation cost from Illinois to San Francisco. I am a 50 yr old single female with a 13 yr old and haven’t been able to find a job here and am homeless now but have been offered numerous jobs there and they seem to have gotten rid of relocating cost funds. I just need funds to get there and obtain a cheap apartment for now. Please any help would be a blessing and I’ve got a car that would make it there and gas is cheaper than two plane tickets there. Again ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • i have been livin in nj for many year and i am not happy bec everything is so high rent foods and gas and i cant do it anymore it is time for me move get better life and no stress lot pls help me i need get out here bec i am going crazy nj .just me and my poodles pls get me out here

  • My husband and I are trying to relocate to Nc where he has a great job lined up , we are having a hard time finding a place to live . We have bad credit , we have some money from the sale of our house in upstate NY , but not enough to buy a home and pay cash because of our credit ! We can’t even rent a place ,because no one will rent to us ! We truly are wanting and willing to better our credit , no matter what we have tried we seem to get slapped down ! We truly need someone to help us get a place to live so we can get back on track with our lives ! Please is there someone out there that can help us ,,,we don’t want anything just gave to us ,,,we just want help to get started over again ,,we would pay back every penny owed ! Thank you Trudy Exelby

    • Well perhaps you should get a job and HELP your CURRENT husband with expenses, instead of sponging off your EX for 14 years! LOL :-/

  • Need help to relocate to Florida in order to attend trade school. have no money for an apartment and need it to pay for a place near school.

  • I need funds to move across Canada to escape an abusive marriage. He has left me with no funds and I am desperate to get away. I have looked for money anywhere I can think of and can’t find any help. Is there anyone who can give me a way to turn, please let me know! Thanks!

  • I need to get out of domestic violence and have no funds and what I get to live on is all I get and can not save any of it since it goes to bills, and love to move to Alaska and need stuff to pack in order to leave. I have been asking for help financially but no funds as I see it

  • I am a disabled 22 year old woman that has had her fair share of ups and downs. This last month we were told by our building manager we had to move that all leases will not be renewed. And we have no money for moving.. we need 2000-3000 for moving help. We have a place lined up in TN wth my Husbands parents, but currently we ony have my SSI to live off, and that barly covers food…. please help.. god bless.

  • I have a family of three,we`re trying to move to the Applevallley area,I,m on a set income(ssi),any assistance will be greatly appreciated,thanks

  • I am unemployed in Ca. Currently living in a motel in Turlock, Ca. I relocated from Ga. last yr for a position at Emanuel Medical Center. I was terminated for reporting a manic depressive coworker for bringing in a loaded gun into the cath lab during my 90 day probationary period. I dont have any money and scheduled for a interview in San Diego on 7/31/15. My car was repossessed on Tues. Night. The motel owner at American Best Inn in Turlock, Ca. will only allow me another week to stay. My parents are deceased and dont have friends or family to help. I need my vehicle, shelter, and pray. If anyone can provide any helpful information please contact me at 404 200 8626. Monica

  • I’m a single woman who thru the courts have custody of my grandchild I’m currently in Illinois and as of Sept 30 we will be homeless I have no family or friends and I been sick for a long while I’m waiting on ssa hopefully that will be approved I’m trying to relocate to Houston Texas I’ve talked to the people from hosing and they’ve assured me we won’t be homeless my problem is I don’t have any income to get us or pay for a moving company to get us there any help will be greatly appreciated I owe a 96 Ford explorer it’s running and a great truck will to traded it to move to Texas thanks in advance for any help given to us

  • I was in an auto accident at work and I severely injuried my back. I have been unable to return to work, bills are piling up, and I have no income coming in. Owcp has been horrible and still has been reviewing my case for nearly 3 months. I would appreciate any help to move back home where I have access to a job that I am able to do with my injury, so we can get back on our feet. Thank you!

  • I need help with moving costs,our granddaughter was born 6 weeks early with several birth defects and our son needs our help,we need to move from Arizona to Missouri as soon as we can,any help is greatly appreciated

  • I’m looking to move to p,another Texas from Portland oregon oregon is dried up for ,y work type and Texas is boom g have a place to stay just need to clean up depth in Portland and get o. The road to Texas to Beyer my life. Where to turn for proper help.

  • Single parent of 2 trying to relocate from WA to CO to be closer to them. On ssdi due too problems that the military wouldn’t help out with. On fixed income. I do have transport but not housing costs for rent. I have looked into places average cost of rent in the area is 500 for a 1 bedroom apartment.
    Anything that would help I would really appreciate it.

  • I need help with security deposit and first month rent. I have to moved out the end of May and don’t have any where to when my lease is up. I’m on disability and my check keeps getting short its going to be hard for me to move. I don’t want to be homeless again it’s hard out on the streets for a female.Thanks ahead of time for your help.

  • Need help to relocate from SC to Atlanta for my son’s medical conditions. The drive 3 times a month is too expensive. I’m a single mother and my son is 9. Average rent there is 1050 a month anything will be appreciated.

  • I am moving to az I don’t have the money for a new home to rent I live in a very very small town not alot of work feel stuck need help in getting back to az I moved here with my ex boyfriend thar didnt work out like to make it back to az in need of about 500 for the move any help would be wonderful my car is in bad shape not lot of work here need to make it back to az!! My dog is my life she has seizures her medications r costly per month need to make it to az for better work and decent life for us again!! Getting to az is everything I need a good job to afford a better car my getting old feeling stuck no job opportunties in this small town with my dog vet bills and medications has really ate at what little I have been able to save!!!!

  • I’m 41 years old single parent. I was hurt on my job 3 years ago and the settlement I received only took care of my bills and some of my debt. I’m needing to relocate to a better place immediately because I’m going homeless and my children in the next few weeks because I all I receive is child support and my disability is taking a long time to be processed. So if some one can help me and my kids.. You are a God sent.. I don’t know what else to do I am overwhelmed and exhausted. Someone please help us. If any can help with 3000.00 I will do everything in my power to give back anyway I can. Please please please help.

  • Me and my girls are in need of a little help with moving from Portland oregon home to Colorado ( getting out of a not so good situation i have a place when i get there,just in need of help with the moving truck and gas im not really asking for money but if some one could help with a gas gift card or help with the rental fee of the truck that would be really helpful thank you

  • I am a,48 year old female in desperate need of help to get back home. My marriage is over, I am in Colorado with no family, living outside a small town with no public transportation and I don’t have any money to purchase a vehicle. If I had acar that would make it to Georgia there is an abundance of jobs, cost of living is approximately 30% less than where I am now and most importantly, my family lives there and i would have a support system to help me back on my feet and become the successful women I used to be.
    I have never been in a situation like the one I’m in now and I’m hoping someone would be willing to give me a hand up not a hand out.

  • Hit hard times, hit a deer, fixed it, tranny went out, no job until Sept. Unemployed during summer. Due to car I have no money for rent and no way to get anywhere for interviews. I just need a little help to get back on my feet. My daughter and her 2 year old live with me. Foods running short.. repayment will be arranged.

  • I need help I’m consider low income family im a single mother of 4 looking for a place to rent AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I BEEN STRUGGELING FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS SINCE MY HISBAND LEFT ME CAN I PLZZ GET HELP OR I WILL BE HOMELESS I have a son with a heart condition nd I get low income Evey month it’s not enough for deposit nd rent together but if I get enough money to get a place I will be able to pay rent only bills nd I get food stamps for my kids thank u hope to hear from u soon

  • Hello I have a husband and wife and child and a dog need help getting out Winston Salem going back home to bullhead city az need at least 500 to move and eat we are in a bad situation and we need to get outof where we are at my husband had two jobs and they just dont won’t to work him a and we already have a place to go but it’s the gas need help anything will help we are leaving this Sunday we gotta get out of this state thanks and God bless you all

  • Hi I need help can pay my rent my rent is $600 a month and then I have my light bill water bill gas bill and on top of all of that I have my nephew that I am taking care of but I don’t receive any benefits for now but food stamp but I don’t have the money to buy him the things that he needs for school but I am trying my best to get him through school because he really wants to finish school and with the light fixed income that I get every month is really hard to do that so I am writing this letter asking for help please

  • I have just been evicted from my home in Utah and need the money to relocate to Oklahoma to live with my dad. I have until the end of the month to be out. Please help me

  • Hello and thank you for taking the time to read, my wife and I and our 1&5 year old daughters are needing to relocate to Utah from WA state. I have found a job there already but I am having a very hard time coming up with the $3500 in moving cost. This move is very unexpected as my father was just diagnosed with prostrate cancer and he and my mom desperately need my assistance. Anything at all would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you again for the time and help.

  • My Husband had two strokes and my mom is in a alztimers home and not doing well I haven’t seen her in years all oyr family lives in Shreveport Louisiana and my husband and I are in Mississippi I’m trying to get back to Shreveport Louisiana to be close to family I need help with my husband and to be close to my mom it’s gonna cost $304.84 for budget moving truck and car Dolly and $150 in gas to go from pass Christian Ms to Shreveport Louisiana please help us we have called all places here for help and I’m four months behind on rent I just got a three day notice i can’t live on the street with my husband being sick so please any help would be most appreciated

  • I live in Mississippi, but I would like to move to California, but the thing is I don’t have enough money to get a house, nor a car. I have disability checks I live off of to pay for my bills, rent and medication, but that’s about it. Although my mother and eldest sister lives here (we live in different counties though), I haven’t left MS since my dad died in 2003. Another reason why I wanna move to CA is because I have relatives who live out on the West Coast and I’d like to see close to them, so if anyone out knows of any program I can be a part of, that would be greatly appreciative.

  • I moved to Charlotte in 2013 was homeless for about three months ,had some money saved at the time .
    So I used it to move into the place I’m in now . I’m now 60 years of age and want to start my own business,
    only i have made some bills I could use help with before venture and committing myself to a New Home .and
    my own debt is about $700. and to get a moving van to move me will be about $750 . I really need to get my driver license to be able to get a donated truck in order to work from , I’m on SSI so my income is not much
    I receive a total of $753. monthly . I ‘m trying to better my life ,could use some help any help would be greatly ,
    appreciated .

  • hi we need to relocate to be closer to my husbands family and we have no money at all. there is a job shortage here in the area we live in. we are trying to move to alabama or florida and we have no way to get a home for our family. we have 4 kids our landlord is selling this place and we have to be out by the end of febuary. its been real hard for us. me and my husband have been doing side jobs just to pay the bills and buy diapers. i need help asap befor febuary.

  • I am a single male looking for money to help me relocate from Salem NH to Porter TX where I have a job lined up and need help covering first and last month’s rent can u help me out.

  • Dear sir iam in really bad spot I need 300 dollar to get my stuff out of storage I have until the 31 of Jan to get it out have no money left I use all of it to get me aot I was homeless for five month I was sleep in my car until I save enough to get me and aot I just need 300 to get me truck and some one to help put it on the truck

  • I’m on disability and my health is falling fast my doctor has advised me to move south and I need to move badly and pray I can move to st.pete Florida I have spent my life giving and helping others and now I need help please pray for enough money comes my way to move so I can live longer thank you

  • Im trying to move across the country to get away from my abusive family. I just need enough to cover the bus ticket.

  • I have lived in my apartment for 5 years and in the 2 the street has change and I am now be profile as the Black (B) as well as the (N) word as a older woman I fell no longer safe or happy living in my own home need ASAP Thank you Very Much

  • I am unemployed and need money to move from Arizona to Maryland to live with my daughter and son in law. I am 61 and have health issues. I also have a small windowbof opportunity to do this since I would have to pay another months rent. Thank you for the opportunity to ask for help. I have always been able to take care of myself until now.

  • I need help moving my family of four it’s to help me take a better job opportunity and actually it’s the first opportunity I got since October 2016 because I’m currently unemployed, I now have a job waiting but need help relocating to take this job!!

    • I have to pay my back rent since October 2017. I lost my job September 2017. I was denied my unemployment benefits. I have looking for lawyers to help me fight but nothing. My Mom and my son really need me available so I need a job that I can do at home. I really wanted to start my business but I cannot focus on that until I know I have a home to stay in while i look for employment. Please help. I have to be out on the 29th of April 2018. i hope it is not too late.

  • Same here I too need money to relocate. Due to an auto accident last year I have no savings and medical conditions. I’m not lazy I still work part time, after wreck that wasn’t even my fault! I just barely keep the lights on. We eat a lot of ramen. And this old house we live in is falling apart, the landlord doesn’t care or repair anything. And I could turn him in but then I would get evicted. I have a small lot out of town I just keep trying to save money maybe get a mobile home and move.

  • I have a place to live, and other benefits from God. I’m 65 years old and in bad health. I only need the finances to move from L.A. County Too Lacy, in Washington State Hopefully around June first. I have some Dear family members there to bring lots of joy in to my life! As I hope I also can return the favor!!!!!

  • Need help moving

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