Generous Rebates for Energy Efficient and Renewable Technologies

Austin Utilities offers incentives for its residential customers to install energy efficient equipment in their homes through their Conserve and Save Rebate Program. Eligible efficient technologies are: dishwasher, refrigerators/freezers, dehumidifiers, water heaters, lighting, furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, air conditioners, building insulation, motors, clothes washers, and ceiling fans (with lighting). Incentive amounts are: central A/C $200 each, additional SEER = $75; clothes washer $50; ceiling fans with lights $15; light fixtures (torchieres, hardwired CFLs, etc) $15; programmable thermostat $25; dishwashers $25; refrigerators/freezers/room air conditioners $25; dehumidifiers $65 with trade-in of working unit; compact fluorescent light bulbs 50% of bulb or package cost; geothermal heat pumps $200/ton plus $150 per EER over 14.1; air source heat pumps $200 plus $75/SEER for each SEER above 14; furnace fan motor $50; boilers $100 – $300, depending on efficiency; furnaces: $100 – $200, depending on efficiency; water heaters $75; tankless water heaters $200; attic Insulation $0.05/sq ft – $0.08/sq ft; and air source heat pump $200 + $75 for each SEER greater than 14.0. Contact: Customer Service, Austin Public Utilities, 400 4th St NE, Austin, MN 55912-3495; 507-433-8886; Fax: 507-433-5045;

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