Low Interest Loans to Finance Energy Efficiency Improvements

Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative offers low-interest loans to help its residential customers finance energy efficiency improvements through their Energy Conservation Loan Program. ERC Loans can be used for: caulking; weather stripping; heat pumps, electric water heaters and central heating; heat pump installations; electric water heaters; insulation for ceilings, walls, floors, ducts, pipes and water heaters; thermal windows; storm or thermal doors; clock thermostats; and ventilation fans. ERC loans are available only for replacement items, not for new homes. Loans can be for up to $1,500 if they are used for air-source heat pumps, or $3,000 if the customer is installing a ground-source heat pump. Loans are at 5% interest with 5 years to pay off. Contact: Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative, 125 Minnesota Valley Electric Drive, Jordan, MN 55352; 952-492-2313; 800-282-6832; http://www.mvec.net/save/loans.asp

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