Over $500 to Install a New Water Heating System

Progress Energy Florida launched the Solar Water Heating with EnergyWise Program to encourage its residential customers to participate in its load control program and install a solar water heating system. PEF installs EnergyWise equipment in a participating customer’s home (at no cost) that enables the utility to briefly interrupt power to the customer’s hot water system, heating or cooling system, or pool pump during periods of peak demand. Customers then receive a monthly credit on their energy bill for participating in the EnergyWise program and a $450 credit on their electric bill to offset the cost of installing a solar water heating system.

One Response to Over $500 to Install a New Water Heating System

  • Now you tell me? LOL. I’ve just replaced my 40-gallon gas water heater with a gas tankless unit. Be careful when you look up eligibility for federal tax credits and local rebate programs. I purchased a model that was approved for a prior year’s tax credit and may miss out on up to $1850 in rebates etc. Buying smart still let me upgrade to tankless for only a few hundred more $’s than staying with the older, more fragile, more high maintenance technology.

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