Rebates to $500 for Energy Efficiency

Alliant Energy-Interstate Power & Light offers a number of rebates for energy efficiency covering a variety of technologies. Eligible efficient technologies include: clothes washers/dryers, water heaters, lighting, furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, programmable thermostats, building insulation, and windows. The eligible renewable technology is geothermal heat pumps. Incentive amounts are: lighting $2/lightbulb; boilers $100-$400; furnaces $200-$300; central air conditioners $75-$225; geothermal heat pump $150-$300; programmable thermostats $25; attic insulation 70% of total cost; room air conditioners $50; water heaters $25; clothes washer $100;  and windows/sash $20. Maximum incentives are: lighting min – $10, max – $20; programmable thermostats $125; attic insulation $500; room air conditioners $150; and water heaters $75. Contact: Alliant Energy-IP&L, Residential Programs, 4902 North Biltmore Lane, P.O. Box 77007, Madison, WI 53707-1007; 800-255-4268; Fax: 608-458-0100;

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