Rebates for High Efficiency Electric Applications

Otter Tail Power Company Rebate Program offers rebates to all qualifying customers for the installation of high-efficiency electric heating applications. Under Minnesota’s Conservation Improvement Plan (CIP), customers are also eligible for additional rebates including motors and heat pumps. In addition, the Otter Tail Power Company offers the HotPack Program which provides residential customers who replace or install an electric water heater with a free package of energy-saving devices, which includes water-saving shower head, kitchen or bath aerator, insulating pipe wrap, water temperature gauge card, and water-flow tester. Maximum incentives are $10,000 for thermal storage technologies and $5000 for water heating. Contact: Otter Tail Power Company, Customer Service, PO Box 496, 215 S Cascade Street, Fergus Falls, MN 56538; 800-257-4044;

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