Rebates to Purchase Energy Efficient Equipment

East Central Energy provides rebates for its residential customers to purchase energy efficient equipment through their Energy Star Rebate Program. Rebates are offered for dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, air conditioning window units, central air conditioning units, air-source heat pumps, and lighting fixtures. Incentive amounts are: air-source heat pump up to $430; central A/C up to $330; clothes washer $25; dishwasher $25; dehumidifier $25; ground-source heat pump $200 per ton; refrigerator/freezer $50-$75, depending on whether old appliance is recycled; A/C window unit $35; and lighting fixtures $20. In addition to the residential rebate program, ECE also offers a $50 tune-up incentive for existing air conditioning units that are more than 5 years old. Used fluorescent lamps and high-intensity discharge lamps are also eligible for $0.50/lamp recycling rebate offered in conjunction with participating hardware stores. Contact: East Central Energy, 3617 E. Baumgartner Rd, Superior, WI 54880; 800-254-7944;

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