One-On-One Help For Stroke Victims and Families

If you or someone you know has experienced stroke firsthand, call the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Stroke Connection at 800-553-6321 or send an email to {}. This is a network of over 1,600 stroke groups or clubs and more than 50,000 stroke survivors, caregivers and professionals throughout the country. You can receive information regarding stroke, how it affects the lives of stroke survivors and their families, how to find a support group near you, how to subscribe to the Stroke Connection Magazine, or to talk to someone who understands. The phone line is manned by stroke families who want to help. They are there to answer your questions and offer options. Contact: Stroke Connection, American Heart Association, National Center, 7272 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75231; 800-553-6321; {Email:}

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  • Hello I am a 2008 Stroke survivor (which happened because I happen to be factor-5 deficient=my body does not prevent abnormal blood clots on its own) but I didn’t even know I had it. Anyways, the stroke damaged the left side of my body & I’m trying to get some governmental assistance so I can purchase a few Bioness rehabilitation stimulation units that are worth around $15,000 dollars, does anyone know if there is help out there for things like this?


    • Nathan I know what you mean. My brother has the same thing (factor-5) he found out when he had a bood clot go through his lungs at the age of 21. He died but thanks to my uncle whom performed CPR we got him back. He is 35 now and has a a major stroke to which it affected his right side and his speech. We (I) have been doing fundraisers and trying to find more things to help them. He has been in rehab for the past 7-8 weeks and not that much change. But we have him when the doctors told us he woldnt live but a couple more days. We are trying to get disablilty but getting somewhat no where. But I hope you find the money to help get your things. As well as for us, I am looking for things to help him as well. GOD bless you and I will pray for you as well.

  • Need money to pay for classes in java computer programming at avert university in Danville va.also some funds to fix house for better handicap acess.

  • need money help havent ben paid in 10 years help me please….

  • my 31 year old stepson had a hemmoradick stroke 4 weeks ago. His personality has changed.

    Greg was awaiting a kidney transplant when he had the stroke. He’s been on dialysis for 5 years.

    His birth mother just got a call from Gregory’s case worker and they want to send him home. His verbal abuse of nurses and instructors and refusal to do rehab is the reason. They said he is too young for a nursing home. He would require 24 hr. care for a while. He was not like this before the stroke.

    Need less to say she is extremely upset and doesn’t know what to do. She is hoping they will let him stay a few more days or until we get back from our honeymoon so his father and I can help. But we both work full time, as does his mother.

    I truly am so sad to see our family having to go through something like this. Is there any kind of help available in this situation?

    We live in Little Rock, Arkansas.

  • I survive stroke 2011, stroke affected my right side. since 2011 my life is a nightmar, I am thankfull to be alive, but having stroke change my life every way, I thought i can do it on my own, i didn’t want to bother people, I don’t have that many people around me anyway. I think now I need to ask for help, I may need help every aspect of my life, but what realy worries me right now losing my place, my car and all this bills I can’t catch up please help me I need money ssistant. Eventhoug my right side is affected I am trying to find me a job,I didn’t work for two years because because of my stroke, I am getting very depress. I hve a better days too. Before stroke I was active, independet and love my job. I have fath, I think all this God plan. I don’t know what to do now please help me

  • my husband survived 3 strokes in 4 hours on jan 24, 2014, paralyzed on left side. I am thankful he is alive but he has came a long way. in july 2014 we had to be airvac to u.t. hospital he now as seizures and is on meds. he is also hypersensitive, has a whole list of other medical issues. I need financial assistant for a handicap van to get him back in forth to the doctors and to therapy. we have a suv but it is a pain in the buttocks to get him in and out. we don’t have the finances to buy a van. (prices are out of the world.) he is 24/7 care. I had to quit my nursing job to come home and take care of him , so we are on a fix income. does any one know where I can find help…..

  • I had a stroke in April. I need help because I had a massive stroke due to a genetic defect that causes blood clots- factor 2 Leiden. I have severe foot drop and cannot walked well as paralysis of right arm. I want to purchase a Bioness walK aide and need help to purchase bioness therapeutic device for my arm which I cannot use now. I also need financial assistance with hospital and nursing home care.

  • Hello, my name is le had a ischemic stroke what i need to know is how to keep walking, i walk a little ways then reach can’t go any futher what’s going on?

  • IhadastrokwinMarch,2015,Ineedfinancialhelp!!

  • Need help,no social security, no funds what so ever can anyone help

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