Get Rid of Neighborhood Troublemakers Without the Police, For Free

Some states allow local community groups to get tenants or property owners thrown out of the neighborhood – under civil laws, not criminal laws – if they are involved with drugs or are a nuisance to the community. It’s easier to enforce a civil law than a criminal law. Which is probably why O.J. Simpson lost his civil trial, but won his criminal trial. The Community Law Center in Maryland provides free legal assistance to communities in Maryland to enforce these laws. Their services are free to non-profit community groups who seek to rid their neighborhood of troublemakers. To find out if your community has similar services, contact your state Attorney General’s office listed in the blue pages of your phone book. The Community Law Center can be reached at 2500 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218; 410-366-0922; Fax: 410-366-7763; {}.

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