Free Coloring Books On Water Safety

Spending a lot of time on your boat this summer? Make sure you follow all the boating safety rules, so your fun-filled summer is accident free. To help educate your kids on water and boating safety without sounding like you are lecturing, contact the Boating Safety Hotline. They have two coloring books for kids called Water ‘N Kids and Boats ‘N Kids that explain the basic concepts of water and boat safety. You can even sign them up for very inexpensive boating classes. For more information, contact Boating Safety Hotline, Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Branch, (G-NAB-5), Auxiliary, Boating and Consumer Affairs Division, Office of Navigation Safety and Waterways Services, U.S. Coast Guard 2100 2nd St., SW, Room 1109, Washington, DC 20593; 800-368-5647; {}.

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