Help Your Daughters Gain Self-Esteem Through Sports

Studies have shown that most women who hold leadership positions in the workplace have at one time participated in sports. Sports instill a sense of discipline, teamwork and the development of strong communication and leadership skills. However, girls should also participate in sports because it is fun! Currently, YWCAs around the country provide opportunities for girls to develop their social, athletic and leadership skills through various sports programs, focusing on tennis, soccer, softball, field hockey, aquatics, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. The YWCA/NIKE Sports Program presently implements over 30 basketball and over 15 volleyball programs throughout the country. The program targets girls of diverse backgrounds, ages 9-14, as girls in this age group are more likely to drop out of sports due to outside influences. The YWCA/NIKE Sports Program provides an alternative to negative influences such as teenage pregnancy, or becoming involved with gangs or drugs. The program has been successful in providing girls with the opportunity to discover their potential, make friends and have fun. Contact your local YWCA or YWCA of the U.S.A., Empire State Building, Suite 301, 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10118; 212-273-7800; Fax: 212-465-2281; {}.

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