Opportunity for Teens to Study with Nobel Peace Laureate

The PeaceJam Foundation is an educational program that seeks to teach youth the leadership skills to help make a positive contribution to their local communities as well as to the world. The one-year program is designed for high school aged youth to study in-depth with a leading Nobel Peace Laureate. At the end of the curriculum, 4 students from each local PeaceJam organization meet with the visiting Nobel Peace Laureate. Additionally, personal statements from many Nobel Peace Laureates about the events of September 11 can be found on the PeaceJam Website. Contact PeaceJam Foundation, 2427 West Argyle Place, Denver, CO 80211; 303-455-2099; Fax: 303-455-3921; {www.peacejam.org}; {Email: PeaceJam@aol.com}.

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