$500,000 For Native Americans To Start Or Expand A Business

Guaranteed loans to stimulate and increase Indian entrepreneurship and employment through establishment, acquisition, or expansion of Indian-owned economic enterprises. Borrowers will work directly with the lenders. Upon lender’s approval of an application for guaranteed loan, the lender will request a loan guaranty from B.I.A. office where the business is located. The Eastern Regional Credit Office serves all East Coast states. Contact regional office for assistance in filing loan guaranty application or to obtain other technical assistance. Borrower must be a federally recognized tribe or Alaska Native group, member of such tribe or group or an Indian-owned organization. The business must be located on or near a reservation or recognized service area and contribute to the economy of the reservation. A minimum of 20% equity, in either cash and/or unencumbered assets to be used in the business being financed, is required. Contact Bureau of Indian Affairs, Dept. of the Interior, John Fitzpatrick, Processor, Eastern Region Credit Office, 3701 N Fairfax Drive, Suite 260, Fairfax, VA 22203; 703-235-5565; Fax: 703-235-5565; {www.doi.gov/bureau-indian-affairs.html}.

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  • I am a Native American who has been installing rain gutters for the last 4 years. I am tired of going out and running jobs myself and installing myself for a boss. I asked myself why don’t I go into business myself, but I don’t have the cash to start-up the business this is where I need assistance. I need to get: several city business licenses, a contractors license, a truck, gutter machine and trailer to haul it on, the materials, and some minor office equipment for billing and purchasing orders. I live in a rented house I have minamal room, I could get by using the small space now but a little bit bigger facility would really come in handy. I know I could bring in several thousand of dollars in the first few months then maybe hire a helper and then bring in up to say $20,000 in a month with just my helper and I.

  • I am a Native American who makes cheyenne regalia and would like to go into business. I live on a less than income, tired of spiderman (veho) giving us pennies for our work and believe that I can get better prices for my people and myself for our work that we design.

  • Hi,
    My name is Yvette Zephier. I leave on a resevation called Zuni located northwest in New Mexico. I am in the process of opening up a diner here on the resevation but don’t have the money for it. Right now I have sort of found some resources for my business which I am working on a business plan right now. This has been a dream for me and I would like to proceed with my dream. The title for my diner will be Zephyr Breakfast & Grille. I am looking into buying one of the old fasion diners from Atlanta, Georgia. On the website (dinermite.com) you will find a veriaty of a number of seating diners that are listed on there and it also shows how the company will set it up for you. I am looking into a 50 to 60 seat diner including a drive thru. This is really exciting and new to our community in which we have no restuarant within the same category in which I am about to provide for our pueblo. My question is how can I go about on getting a grant for my business?

    Yvette Zephier

  • i need info thx i am a tribal card member

  • Hello,I am a Native American here in Schurz Nevada.I am 50 years old and have had my bussiness licence here for 7 years.My long term goal has been to open a Auto and Deisel repair shop here on our Reservation.We are located right in the center of people traveling to and from Las Vegas and Reno Nevada,cars and big rigs.This is my dream and ambition,i like the people and the work as well as the challenges . THANK YOU Lucio Hernandez

  • Hi I am native American and would like in expanding my company in heavy equiptment in order to expand I would need a couple of mulchers for forestry work in northern ca.

  • We are women NGO ,working in rural part of Maharashtra in India. We are interested in Papad and spices project need fund $ 500 K . send us details for process, Thanks

  • I want to have my own semi I am 54 yrs old and have drove most of my life and making everyone the money I should be putting in my pocket for my family!

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