$730,000 Grant To Small Businesses To Work On Military Related Ideas

Funds early-stage research and development projects of small companies that have the potential for commercialization in the private sector or U.S. military markets. The Army’s Small Business Innovative Research Program is normally provided for six months and up to $70,000 for Phase I projects (for a feasibility study to evaluate the scientific and technical merit of an idea) and two years and up to $730,000 for Phase II awards (demonstration phase in which prototypes are built and tested). For general inquiries, contact the DoD SBIR Help Desk by phone (800-382-4634) or by email (sbirhelp@teltech.com). In addition to following DoD-wide instructions in the program solicitation, proposers must also follow the Army’s instructions for submission of proposals. Specific requirements and guidelines can be found at the website listed below. Unsolicited proposals will not be accepted. Only businesses that are independently owned, controlled, and operated for-profit and with 500 or less employees are eligible to apply. Each organization submitting a proposal must qualify as a small business for research and development purposes. Only awardees in Phase I are eligible to participate in Phase II (by invitation only). Contact Department of Defense – U.S. Army, Dr. Kenneth A. Bannister, U.S. Army SBIR Program Manager, U.S. Army Research Office, Rm. 8N31, Army Material Command Bldg., 5001 Eisenhower Ave., Alexandria, VA 22333; 703-617-7425; Fax: 703-617-8274; {aro-sbir@hqamc.army.mil}; {www.aro.army.mil/arowash/rt/sbir.htm}.

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