Compensation for Spouses, Children, and Parents of Deceased Military

Veterans Benefits Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs will compensate surviving spouses, children and parents for the death of any veteran who died because of a service-connected disability, or while in active military, naval or air service. Monthly rates range from $386 for one child when no spouse is entitled, from $911 to $2,083 for a surviving spouse, with $2,229 additional if the surviving spouse is in need of aid and attendance. A surviving spouse is also entitled to an additional $229 monthly for each child under the age of 18. Monthly rates for parents range from $5-$445 depending on income and whether the parent of the deceased is single or married. An additional $239 is payable if the parent is in need of aid and assistance. Contact Department Of Veterans Affairs, Washington, DC; 800-827-1000; 202-273-7203; {}.

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