Free Air Travel for Patients and Their Families and its related help-line serves to make referrals and provide assistance for any financially challenged patient needing to travel to a distant specialized medical facility for evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment. Patients and their accompanying family members may make multiple trips back and forth to distant specialized care and there is no age limit. If the travel distance is 1000 miles or less, a referral will be made to an Angel Flight America program where 4000 volunteer pilots are available to provide private or corporate aircraft travel at no cost. If the patient must travel more than 1000 miles or is unable to fly on light aircraft, a referral is made to the most appropriate, charitable airline ticket program. These programs provide free or highly discounted reduced-rate tickets. The National Patient Ticket HELPLINE is staffed Monday through Friday 9 a.m. -5 p.m. Eastern time. After hours, a message recorder is available and response time is 10 minutes, if the message is urgent. Contact, Mercy Medical Airlift, 4620 Haygood Road, Suite 1, Virginia Beach, VA 23455; 757-318-9174; 800-296-1217 (toll-free); Fax: 757-318-9107; National Patient Ticket HELPLINE: 1-800-325-8908

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