Dear Diary

Following your development – and that of your baby – can be fun with this free booklet entitled, Health Diary: Myself, My Baby. Divided into two sections, the Myself section provides several pages for documenting your own health history, prenatal… Continue reading

Free Health Care For Connecticut Residents

AmeriCares Free Clinics are open to individuals who are uninsured or underinsured and who are without the financial resources to afford medical care. Services include minor injuries, various tests, school and pre-employment exams, episodic and chronic illnesses, as well as… Continue reading

Over-the-Counter Birth Control Made Easy

Find out the cost and what’s good and bad about using over-the-counter products like foam, suppositories, vaginal film, sponge, and the male and female condom for birth control. Check out the web page of the Feminist Women’s Health Center at {}.