Make $39,000 and Get Free Child Care

In Connecticut your income can be $39,168 and you can get $640 a month for child care. Make $25,332 in Indiana and get $1,260 a month for infant care. Earn $38,244 in Alaska and receive $583 a month for child care. The Child Care and Development Block Grant gives money to states to help families meet their child care needs. Parents may choose from a variety of child care providers, including center-based, family child care and in-home care, care provided by relatives, and even sectarian child care providers. You can even get money to start a day care center! Income qualifications vary from state to state, and each state operates their programs slightly differently. To find out how to take advantage of this program in your state and to learn the eligibility requirements, contact National Child Care Information Center, 243 Church St., NW, Vienna, VA 22180; 800-616-2242; {}.

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