Indiana Business Grants

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  • Hello! I really need the help how to get rid of the debts and taxes. Let me tell you the story. My name is Carolyn White and I live in South Bend, IN. I really want to apply for free grants to pay off the debts and taxes, but how do I apply for this? If you know well about the application, can you tell me step by step instructions how to fill out the application. Where do I find right grants that agree to give me free money to pay off the debts and taxes? What if any grants have the email, so I email the application and letter to? How long will it take them to send me the free money? I hope that it will take few weeks to get the free money before my budget gets worse. Any suggestions? I did join the silver membership club, but it won’t let me pay. I’m deadly serious about my budget’s worse shape and I overwhelmed about my debts and taxes. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks!

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