Paralegals Offer Legal Work at 75% Discount

The only things a paralegal can’t do that a lawyer can, is give legal advice and represent you in court. That means they can file uncontested divorce papers, family court petitions, wills and probate, power of attorney, bankruptcy, incorporation. etc. There are states where paralegals can represent clients in cases like those involving evictions or government agencies. And if you are seeking a legal opinion from an attorney, you may want to get a paralegal to research the law for you, so that you can make your own decisions. Remember 50% of all lawyers lose their cases in court. So why pay $200 an hour for a lawyer, when you can get a lot of the same services done for less than $50 and hour. Paralegals are in the yellow pages and you can contact your state or local paralegal association by contacting the national association that can give you a local contact. For more information, contact National Federation of Paralegal Associations, P.O. Box 33108, Kansas City, MO 64114; 816-941-4000; Fax: 816-941-2752; {}.

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