$10,000,000 To Help Sell Overseas

The Medium Term Loan program offers a credit program to a foreign buyer for purchases up to ten million dollars. To qualify for Ex-Im, the product or service must be comprised of at least 50% U.S. content and must not adversely affect the U.S. economy. Disbursements are made to the U.S. exporter and products are sent to the foreign buyer. The loan is available for up to 85% of the U.S. export value. The buyer must make a payment to the U.S. exporter of at least 15% of the export value in cash. Financing extends to all types of goods and services with the exception of those related to the military. Repayment terms for medium-term loans are generally seven years or less. Fixed lending rates offered by Ex-Im Bank apply to this loan program. Rates are the minimum OECD rate applicable to the category of the importing country and the repayment period. The borrower must be a credit-worthy entity in a country eligible assistance from Ex-Im Bank. See the Ex-Im website for a list of eligible countries. Current interest rates are available at the following website: {http://www.exim.gov/country/cntcirrc.html.}. Contact Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM), Wayne Gardella, Manager, 811 Vermont Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20571; 800-565-3976 x3787; Fax: 202-565-3380; {bdd@exim.gov}; {http://www.exim.gov/mltprog.html}.

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