Oklahoma City Survivors Reach Out to September 11th Survivors

Established as a nonprofit, the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism is dedicated to preventing and reducing terrorism and mitigating its effects. The MIPT grew out of a desire of the survivors and the families of victims of the Oklahoma City bombing to have a living memorial by doing what they can to prevent other cities from living through a similar tragedy. The Outreach Committee of MIPT is ready to assist any individual who would like to draw on the experiences of a survivor, family member or rescue worker from the Oklahoma City bombing. You can send an email to outreach@mipt.org or contact them at 1-800-542-HOPE. Contact Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism, 204 North Robinson #1404, Oklahoma City, OK 73101; 405-232-5121; Fax: 405-232-5132; {E-Mail: suggestions@mipt.org}; {www.mipt.org}.

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